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    Hi there.
    Would someone give me a hand about the certificate. I have been trying for a couple of days from different devices – was unable to download it. Thanks. 🙂

    • Hi @tugce-cankaya-simpson, I’m sorry to hear you have had difficulties downloading it.

      Could I just check which certificate you are trying to download? Is it the first one I sent you, or the one in my most recent email? If it was the first, can you check if you received my email and check if you can download the second? I tested it and managed…Read More

      • Hi Owain, I do apologise that I did not realise that the email went directly to the spam folder and I should have checked it before I raised it here. Thanks for your quick reply, anyway. 🙂

  • Hi Ben, thanks for the feedback and for sharing the link for Padlet! I’m glad you liked it! 🙂
    And Owain, many thanks for your constructive feedback as well as your comments!

    That’s amazing that you’ve started teaching EAP and it’s such a coincidence that EAP was on my mind when I was thinking about the assignment! After teaching EAP for long…Read More

    • Tugce, what an amazing lesson. It’s particularly useful for me as I have just started a new job at Bangor University teaching EAP. I’ve just finished my second day of teaching and essay skills with B1 learners is a big part of my role, so I will definitely use this lesson at some point! I previously worked at the British Council teaching general…Read More

      • Hi Owain. Sorry for the late reply. I now have realised why I wasn’t able to reply. (Well, I should have joined the group first, OF COURSE. Silly me!) First of all, congratulations on your new role! 🙂 Secondly, I’m so very glad you thought the lesson is good enough for you to consider implementing it! Thank you! 🙂 And YES, I would be more than hap…Read More

    • @tugce-cankaya-simpson I’m tagging you in this one as I realise it might not appear in the feed.

      On another note, Tugce, we offer a video link-up as part of the course. Would you like to do this? If so this weekend is an option I could do. What do you think? No pressure of course. It’s just another nice way to exchange ideas.

      • Owain, that’s a great idea! But would you mind if I say I might not be able to do it this weekend? Would that affect your schedule/plans? (Well, it would! But then it’s okay – if you are busy afterwards. 🙂 )

        • Hi Tugce! No problem at all. I have just come back from a 7-hour walk and I am exhausted! In a good way though 🙂 We can definitely have the call at another time, we can discuss it next week. Have a great weekend!

          • 7 hour walk?! 😃 Well,I am surprised that you are still fine to reply lol. Hey, Owain, as much as the idea is nice, please don’t think we have to do a live session🙂 I know you want to be ‘fair’ as this is something you did with others but honestly — I wouldn’t mind. That’s perfectly fine with me without live session. Weekends are hectic anyway.…Read More

            • It was a great walk! I’ve just now sent you the certificate, I hope you like it! Regarding the call, it would be lovely to speak some time but let’s play it by ear then. I’m sure we’ll be in touch regarding EAP matters, as you’ll see from my email!

              I also want to say a huge thank you to you for joining the course, and I am glad you have enjoyed…Read More

      • Btw, where are other teachers gone? LOL. Is it only me who is talking (Teacher Talking Time) 🙂🤐

    • Thank you for sharing your lesson plan, Tugce. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, and I´m certain that many aspects of it could be neatly adapted into my own teaching (albeit in a very different context to yours). On a personal note, I also really appreciate that you’ve created a plan for a writing lesson; developing academic writing skills with te…Read More

      • Thanks for the detailed feedback, Ben! That was very useful! I agree that it could have made the lesson tied up better if I had added some critical thinking questions to finish it green. 😉 That’s a good idea to integrate rubric/evaluation form as well as content-filled evaluation Qs. I also liked the idea (the suggestion of context) for Task 1…Read More

  • It is impossible NOT to learn anything from this wonderful course! This course is about “what to do” – as we all know how to do. The practicality of the course is great. The biggest takeaway for me is that we do not need to look out for materials. It is there in our curriculum already – food, transport, shopping (like the lesson topics on this…Read More

  • Great tips thanks! I will repeat myself, but I wanted to put my tips on this page as well:

    Tip 1: Do not just throw out an environmental theme/topic in the middle of a lesson or course here and there. Think about the language focus, vocabulary focus and target skills. So use eco-friendly topics for to foster contextualised language…Read More

    • Oh I LOVE number three – takes me back to my art lessons at school when you’d be vigorously scrubbing the paint off your hands with nothing but icy cold water in that giant sink. Wonderful! I wholeheartedly agree with all your tips here, Tugce, and I could talk at length about this. I do reckon that one of the reasons why teachers are often so…Read More

      • I haven’t started with my ESOL college students yet – as their classroom dynamic is a bit different just for now. They need to settle a bit more and feel more relaxed. Then I’ll be planning things for them. But I have done things with my young adult and adult learners. We contributed to a huge project by planting trees. That was very exciting!…Read More

        • Wonderful! Tree planting is such a great cause to be involved in. One of the schools in a region nearby set up a forest planting project with its learners, with the long term aim of reforesting a hillside that has been left desolate by decades of olive farming. I wonder how feasible it would be for your ESOL learners to be part of a college-based…Read More

          • That’s a great idea! I wonder this could be a project for an environmentally significant day for the upcoming academic year? I’ll think harder. 🤔

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