It is two weeks long and it has 3 modules. It requires approximately 4 hours a week.

Many of the participants on the course are working throughout the day on varying schedules. The good news is that you can log on at any time you like to access the lessons or post and respond to comments in the discussion. What’s more, the discussion takes place on our course platform which is mobile-friendly, so you can engage in the discussion from your phone while on the go, and you will receive notification updates of the conversation every time when you click on the page. We encourage people to log on every day when possible, little and often, however it’s natural that some people log on every couple of days when they’re busy. There is one optional live session which is a nice chance to meet the other participants. It is at a set time at the weekend so more people can attend, and is recorded for those who can’t come.

Yes, you receive a beautiful certificate on completion of this course. This can be shared on your LinkedIn and social media profiles or downloaded as a PDF certificate.

Yes, this is a strength of this course in comparison with many more well-known online learning providers. Participants have marked this as something they most appreciated about it. Now a second instructor will join for the final week and give feedback on the material you create. He is a materials writer for the National Geographic coursebook.

No, this course is aimed at language teachers in general, so if you teach another language, you are extremely welcome, and we believe you will benefit from the course, and we would love to learn from you too. Don’t hesitate to join! On one occasion, a Spanish philosophy teacher joined and really enjoyed the course, and the other teachers benefited greatly from his different experience and perspective. To make the most of the course, you need B2 level in English or above as the course content and interaction is in English

You can pay using PayPal or by any major card such as Visa or Mastercard through the Stripe Payment system. 

Yes, you need an account with this platform only.

Yes, there is a live session in which we meet up to get to know each other and share ideas. The session happens on the platform, in the browser, and you do not need to install any apps.


Sustainability in Language Teaching: an Online Course


Have you ever felt that your role as a teacher does not end with your students’ language learning? Or do you feel that you should do something about the environmental crisis affecting the lives of you and your students? Are you a language teacher who takes your professional development seriously? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you need sustainability in language teaching course.

What is the course like?


The course is fully online and runs for two weeks. It is for language teachers and links language teaching practice with environmental matters. The people behind the course make this possible. For instance, Owain, the course writer, has worked as a teacher, teacher trainer, and academic manager at the British Council. Additionally, he has written modules of online courses and teaching materials on environmental issues. He is studying for an MA in online language learning. This is blended with a background in protecting nature. In addition, Ben, the tutor is a creative teacher and skilled teacher trainer. Furthermore, he has a diploma in language teaching. What is more, he contributes to teaching conferences on language teaching and sustainability. In this course, you will benefit from their know-how and passion. Above all, you will share the ideas of the other people on the course.

The background to this course


This course came from the ELTsustainable website which has provided free lessons for language teachers. These helped involve learners in the sustainability dialogue. In addition, it grew out of a concern with language teaching centering on language learning just as a career tool. In conclusion, the course aims to help learners collaborate with the languages they learn to fix the environmental matters that affect us all.

After the course, you will be able to:

  • Enable language learners to take part in the international dialogue in sustainability on their language learning journey and beyond.
  • Create motivating and pedagogically sound activities to focus on environmental matters in the language classroom.
  • Develop a clear professional development path as an environmentally-conscious language teacher.

Do you have any questions? Contact us, and we will get back to you!