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1.8. What About You?

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  • Hi, I’m Tugce and 6 words that relate to me are:
    1. Turkey
    2. 40
    3. 3
    4. books
    5. 15
    6. England

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    • Hi Tugce, lovely to see you here. With a first name like that, I think you must be from Turkey. Is that why you wrote it? If so, where are you from in Turkey? I’m curious ASI visited Turkey a few times.

    • Hi Owain. Yes, correct answer! I’m from Turkey. πŸ™‚ I am originally from Ankara. Have you ever visited Ankara? I’m asking because people usually prefer holiday places rather than the visiting the big cities, I guess? Well, even I – when i used to live in Turkey – used to spend all 3 or 4 months (when term time finished) by literally moving to our…Read More

      • Tugce, one of my best experiences in Turkey was when I visited the Middle East Technical University in Ankara back when I was a student. I was on Erasmus in Thessaloniki and joined a group called AEGEE. We went on a trip to Ankara and it was amazing, I’d say that was where I first got the travel bug. The students at the university were so…Read More

        • Oh really??? Such a coincidence I studied at Middle East Technical University LOL! In fact, I spent 7 years being a student there LOL! Good old ODTU. Kapadokya is great! Have you tasted the wine – which is famous? Bozcaada is also famous for its vineyards. It is a peaceful island with book and wine festivals. I love the serenity of that island!

    • Tugce, I have another question for you. Do you now live in England? I notice that you have a very English surname too. Are you married to someone from England?

      • Yes, I have two surnames. the first one (Cankaya) comes from the region where I was born in Ankara. And Simpson is my married name. Yes, I live in England for sometime now.

    • Tugce. You have written 40. Erm, may I ask is that the BIG 40? (which sounds very young to me these days as I’m 47)!

    • Yep! πŸ™‚ And 47 is young!

  • Hi ! My name is Marcela and these 6 words relate to me

    1. Wada
    2. Punta del Este
    3. Italian
    4. black
    5. two
    6. 32

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  • Here are some words about me:
    1. Video editing
    2. IATEFL
    3. Not enough
    Guess why I wrote them @rian-mcguinness @mila-pandzic @marcela-vilan

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    • Maybe you are taking part in an IATEFL conference? And maybe you don’t have “enough” time for everything? At least I don’t. πŸ™‚

      • Good guesses. I’m going to be in the plenary discussion at IATEFL Belfast in May talking about sustainability. It was another reason though that I write not enough. Any ideas @marcela-villan?

    • Hi again @eltsusta, I am guessing you are currently honing your video editing skills in some way. Is this correct? If so could you share which courses and/or software you use?

      • Hi @rian-mcguinness, correct! I’m currently working on suggesting, not making, the edits to bring some really interesting British Council Zoom recordings for a project called ‘Greening Algeria’s Campuses. It’s really interesting listening to these Algerian and British experts talking about how to make universities greener. I’m not at the level of…Read More

        • @rian-mcguinness I take it that this is something you are getting into or thinking of starting. I think it’s one of these perenially useful skills to learn. What has got you into this?

          • Hi Owain. Actually, I haven’t done a lot, but I did do some videos using PowerPoint during the pandemic. Did you notice how much PowerPoint evolved during that time? Anyway, it was fun and I wanted to learn more about making and editing actual videos and a colleague recommended this:…Read More

            • @rian-mcguinness indeed I did notice, I’ve become a real fan of using PowerPoint. Two things I really appreciate are the fact that you get free stock images to embed with the new PowerPoint and also the fact that you get AI-driven formatting. I’ve really pushed it where I work to get away from ‘wonky’ flipcharts done on the old IWB software.

            • Also @rian-mcguinness you mentioned using PowerPoint-like video software? How does that work? is it using morphing transitions and 3D objects?

    • Hi Owain, in what way are you associated with IATEFL?

      • Hi Tugce, a good question. Yesterday I applied to be a volunteer for the IATEFL Gisig website. Wish me luck :-). I also was a panelist on the closing plenary at IATEFL Belfast in May. Are you involved with IATEFL too?

        • How great! I don’t know how I missed IATEFL Belfast this year! in many, many ways, that’d be a great experience – I am missing good old conference hall, having a drink (errrrr… not from plastic cups, I swear! I always carry my mug with me LOL!) during breaks chatting with new people there! And i wish you the very best of luck in your new project…Read More

          • It was my first time at IATEFL and I really enjoyed it, and I too enjoyed a drink or too (of the Irish-served-in-a-pintglass variety). Maybe you could get involved with the IATEFL Global Issues special interest group. What about BALEAP? Being new to EAP I am wondering about it and whether there is anything good happening there.

            • I bet you did enjoy it – after years of online webinars! 🙂 Looking forward to becoming a BALEAP member again (once I was). It is something I am doing non-stop at the background (summer pre-sessionals/ part time in-sessionals etc). I don’t think I am good enough for IATEFL Global Issues SIG lol. 😉

  • Hi, I’m Mila and 6 words that relate to me are:
    1. Bordeaux
    2. Glagolitic
    3. Schwarzwald
    4, Justice
    5. Spring
    6. Quintilian

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    • Hi @mila-pandzic, great to see you here. Interesting words. Let’s start with the easiest looking one. Did you study in Bordeaux?

      • Hi @eltsusta! No, I didn’t study in Bordeaux. I lived there as a kid for 3 years. I went to preschool and first year of primary school.

        • I went through it once on a train and saw it through the window. It looked beautiful. Do you speak French? I’m trying to work on my French and Arabic living in Algeria.

          • I am not using it often, so I don’t speak fluently. But I understand a lot. I love it when I travel to France, it reminds me of my childhood and then I just start speaking like I am using it everyday.

    • Schwarzwald. That’s the Black Forest right? Have you been there on holiday? I imagine it’s a beautiful place.

    • Hi @mila-pandzic, these are a fascinating group of words! Are you interested in reading about Quintilian rhetoric?

    • @mila-pandzic is Spring your favourite season? I used to live in Bulgaria and spring there was beautiful, so I imagine it is similar in Croatia. What was particularly special was that everyone gives out ‘martenitsa’, which is a red and white bracelet on March 1st. Then when you see a blossom tree (or stork for that matter) you hang the bracelet…Read More

      • Yes, spring is my favourite season. I was born in spring, it’s the best time to travel around Europe before heat… The city is so beautiful with blossoming trees. New life is coming with spring. Such a lovely and interesting way of celebrating spring in Bulgaria!

    • Hi Mila, is your favourite season spring?

  • Hi, I’m Rian and 6 words that relate to me are:
    1. Kimchi
    2. Falafel
    3. Gaia
    4. Jeffrey Sachs
    5. 21km
    6. The Tyne Bridge

    • Fascinating words, Rian. I’m going to start with 21 km. Is this about a distance you’ve achieved doing sport? Running?

    • Hi @Rian! great to see you here. It’s been a long time! I’m curious about the Tyne Bridge. I know you are from Newcastle, so here are my guesses. Were you born in view of the Tyne Bridge? If so, is that the Geordie equivalent of a cockney being born in earshot of the Bow Bells? Or am I completely off the mark?

      • @rian-mcguinness brilliant, now we are ‘friends’ on the platform too I can tag you!

      • Ha, ha, I’m afraid I’m not from that close to the Tyne Bridge, but I am from Gateshead, which is on the south side of the Tyne. I suppose the Tyne Bridge is the most well-known symbol of the area. Come to think of it the Angel of the North would have been better, as I was born right next to it. I also quite like Antony Gormley’s work.

    • Hi, @rian-mcguinness! I have two questions. Do you like to cook? (kimchi, falafel) Do you teach in Newcastle?

      • Hi Mila. Nice to meet you. I do like to cook and actually had kimchi fried rice last night. Falafel is another go-to food for aspiring vegetarians like myself and can be found easily and cheaply in the UAE when I don’t feel like cooking. Gradually easing into vegetarianism is one of the small things I have been trying to do recently for…Read More

        • As for the Tyne Bridge and Newcastle, well, it’s just my hometown (-:

        • Continuing on the food topic, @rian-mcguinness and @mila-pandzic, I have two questions. 1. What would be the best example of a meat-free dish in the cuisine where you live? Here in Algeria there are some good vegetarian ‘shakshouka’ which are rich, tomatoey dishes. 2. Have you successfully embedded a discussion on the environmental considerations…Read More

          • For me, either Egyptian or Syrian/Lebanese-style breakfasts are the best. Typically meat seems to be absent from breakfasts in those cultures, and they have lots of small side dishes like foul (beans), which – despite the unfortunate romanized spelling – is delicious. And the best thing about breakfast places in the Middle East is that you can…Read More

          • As for embedding environmental considerations about food, well, yes and no. Yes, I have but no, I don’t feel confident it was particularly successful up until now.

          • A famous meat-free dish in Croazia is “soparnik”. I’ts a thin pie made of pastry, Swiss chard and onio, baked in a tray under the ashes, and when baked it’s poured with olive oli. You have a short video here.

          • I haven’t done some lessons about food. I have checked the lesson you gave us, it’s so great. As you said, the video is great, without any prejudices. And I like the Genially materials. Day by day, I realize that there are so many lessons that I can use in my class, with some changes.