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2.4 Website Evaluation: Discussion

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  • Hiya everyone! I have chosen the lesson – Writing a Letter of Complaint. I’ll try to address he following questions:
    1. What is the lesson about?
    It is about errrr…. writing a letter of complaint lol. No, of course! The lesson revolves around the theme of more than one environmental problem. The text is on multinational energy corporation vs.…Read More

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    • What a detailed appraisal of this lesson, Tugce! I think your suggestion of making it relevant is really important for this lesson. Two things spring to mind, one is something I was reading about recently. It is the participatory approach which is very much about finding out about learners’ lives and personal needs and building the language…Read More

      • oops, pressed return and not shift return to get a new paragraph!
        I also highly recommend the chapter about it in the Larsen-Freeman book she cites.

        It’s interesting you mention dictogloss. I imagine it is so flexible that it really makes it easy to change the focus of the lesson more towards environmental or social justice issues.

      • Participatory approach… I’ve never heard that one, I will be honest with you! But yes, I read the article, and I totally agree the power of emergent situations. It is, I think, dogme? At least, I know this by the name dogme, lol. But names does not matter. Participatory approach —- will ty to add it to my vocabulary pocket. 🙂 Thanks. And…Read More

    • Hi Tugce, thank you for this great analysis of the lesson, and your excellent suggestions. I think the addition of dictogloss is a savvy one, as it’s a great example of how we can make an green lesson cognitively and linguistically challenging as well, so ticking off all the boxes for a language class. You’re right, that the letter of complaint…Read More

      • I think you are right, Ben. in fact “letter of complaint “tends to become the umbrella term for the genre itself. Nowadays, we don’t write letters? However, doing this on social media – as much as appealing it might sound – might run the risk of lack of register and style. Sometimes we DO need that formality which is absurd to use in social media…Read More

  • Hi! I chose the lesson called “A bike to ride the future”and here go my answers
    Hope you like them! Short and sweet!

    Document 72.docx
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  • Hi, all!
    I chose a lesson:

    What Place Does Literature Have in the ELT Classroom in an Ecological Emergency?

    What is the lesson about?
    There are great lessons and it’s definitely difficult to choose, but I clicked on the area of culture first and the first lesson was related to literature. Of course, I w…Read More

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    • What a fascinating post, @mila-pandzic. I’ve really enjoyed reading it and I will have to come back to it. In the meantime, I just want to let you know that I am planning a language lesson in which I will replace the boring text in it with this poem. It’s quite sad, but I love it. It particularly reminds me of many walnut trees I’ve seen in…Read More

      • Such an inspiring poem! When you think about it, the inexhaustible source of inspiration for poets has always been nature in all its manifestations, from the tiniest to the strongest, from the barely perceptible to the ubiquitous, as well as man’s eternal relationship with nature. So I would strongly recommend using literature in teaching for our planet

      • Thank you for your nice feedback.

    • Hi @mila-pandzic, what an inspiring post, and thank you for reminding me about Owain’s lesson using Carson. I’m taking on a group of C2 students next week, and this would be perfect with them I think. I find it really interesting how you’re using literature to explore very linguistic aims, and I agree that it would be interesting to explore…Read More

      • Thank you for your nice thoughts. I don’t know if you use the term “professional deformation”, but I could say my post was that (lol). You gave me a great idea about micro-writing lessons. I have found Ceri Jones’s webinar so I will definitely watch it these days. I started it and she mentions “six words stories”. I use it a lot, but now you made…Read More

    • I have always been a big advocator of integrating literature in second/foreign language classroom. in fact I have researched a research on it, which is a published book now. 🙂 Oh, I love literature! More than anything, I love its power to change the mindset and how effectively it engages students in learning the target language!

  • Hi all,
    The lesson I have chosen is one that a friend, Milica, wrote for this site.

    I have chosen the lesson ‘Building an Eco-house’. It is available on the ELTsustainable site here:

    Young Learners and Online Project-Based Learning: Building an Eco-House

    I chose this because I don’t often have the c…Read More

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    • It’s a great lesson, and very demanding, but I like the final “product” – the sustainable house. Such a great idea! They can use the knowledge they gained in this lesson and then make something so creative. I like the CLIL teaching method. Milica’s lessons are really inspiring. I am thinking how to use it one day…….