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2.7 What would be your top tips?

  • 8 months, 4 weeks ago
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  • Great tips thanks! I will repeat myself, but I wanted to put my tips on this page as well:

    Tip 1: Do not just throw out an environmental theme/topic in the middle of a lesson or course here and there. Think about the language focus, vocabulary focus and target skills. So use eco-friendly topics for to foster contextualised language…Read More

    • Oh I LOVE number three – takes me back to my art lessons at school when you’d be vigorously scrubbing the paint off your hands with nothing but icy cold water in that giant sink. Wonderful! I wholeheartedly agree with all your tips here, Tugce, and I could talk at length about this. I do reckon that one of the reasons why teachers are often so…Read More

      • I haven’t started with my ESOL college students yet – as their classroom dynamic is a bit different just for now. They need to settle a bit more and feel more relaxed. Then I’ll be planning things for them. But I have done things with my young adult and adult learners. We contributed to a huge project by planting trees. That was very exciting!…Read More

        • Wonderful! Tree planting is such a great cause to be involved in. One of the schools in a region nearby set up a forest planting project with its learners, with the long term aim of reforesting a hillside that has been left desolate by decades of olive farming. I wonder how feasible it would be for your ESOL learners to be part of a college-based…Read More

  • I really believe all the ones you mentioned are great
    I loved the one that says ask a lot of questions, dont lecture
    as I tend to do that
    Empowering is a good idea too
    I would add the point of taking action and seeing the result of their actions
    as I think that is the most rewarding point for them

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  • It’s difficult to single out some tips because all are very important, but I would put some ephasis on:
    – appropriate methodology
    – personalise topics with their lives
    – localise topics so they will as a part of it
    – choose a good and motivating text
    – and always rememeber it’s a language lesson!
    As I have alrady said, I would put my tip…Read More

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    • I agree with that last point, however I would add a caveat that we can look at every other topic through an environmental lens for a part of the lesson, taking a little and often approach where it’s embedded in other topics rather than a lesson purely about environmental issues. Would you agree?

      • Yes, I definitely agree. Shorter activities can sometimes have an even greater impact on students, and thus stimulate curiosity and announce one of the following environmental lessons