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2.8 What have I taken away from Unit 2?

  • 1 year, 3 months ago
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  • It is impossible NOT to learn anything from this wonderful course! This course is about “what to do” – as we all know how to do. The practicality of the course is great. The biggest takeaway for me is that we do not need to look out for materials. It is there in our curriculum already – food, transport, shopping (like the lesson topics on this…Read More

  • My take away is connected with all the tips you gave:
    and Mila’s ideas, which i have been reading in detail

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  • The analysis of lessons by topic was very important in order to free ourselves in creating our own ideas and curricula. Reading the lessons leads us to think about what we can apply in our own class and with our own students, without losing sight of the language itself and language teaching. In Unit 2, I received encouragement and support for…Read More

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    • I’m glad you have found unit 2 useful @mila-pandzic. I agree it’s really useful. You inspired me to go ahead and finally make the walnut lesson with your enthusiasm for literature! I can’t wait to see your lesson idea 🙂